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Our caregivers can do your groceries for your convenience.

Olivebranch Unity Health Services LLC understands how taxing grocery shopping can be, especially for the seniors and individuals with disabilities. You have to browse through aisles in order to find what you need, push the cart around, and stand in long lines for the check-out counter, and finally lug the heavy grocery bags back to the car.

This job may not be ideal for seniors and disabled persons. That is why our caregivers can help ease the burden by doing this errand for our patients or assist them with grocery shopping. You can rest assured that they are reliable and responsible in completing errands.

Keeping Their Safety at All Times Our Mission Statement

It is our greatest commitment here at Olivebranch Unity Health Services LLC to provide an unsurpassed level of personalized care to our clients. We are bound to meet the physical, mental, social, and emotional needs of our patients by taking time in understanding their health and personal demands and accomplish our responsibilities in a professional and dignified manner.

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